Discovery, scholarship and innovation — A celebration to remember

Recap the highlights of the 2023 Celebration of Resident and Fellow Education and Research Day.

A message from the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville

MojIbade Hassan, MD, PhD

Dr. Hassan “I chose UF COMJ due to the exceptional emergency medicine training. The patient pathology, resident autonomy and procedure numbers are second to none in the country. Being near a beach is an added bonus. The amount of critical care medicine performed in the emergency department was a major highlight of my time here, in addition to building relationships with colleagues in and out of the department and making UF COMJ a fun working environment. I am excited to continue my journey in medicine and will be completing a medical education fellowship at the University of Kansas and plan to have a career in academic emergency medicine.”

Raman Michael, MD

Dr. Michael “There were two reasons for me choosing the ophthalmology program here. First, I had solid expectations of training based on the attending physicians I had interviewed with. Second, given the relative newness of the program, I felt that I could make a lasting positive impact on it. The highlight of my time here was saving a trauma patient from unnecessary emergency surgery by making a somewhat obscure diagnosis and managing it at bedside. Starting this July, I will spend one year in Oklahoma City to complete a glaucoma fellowship at the Dean McGee Eye Institute, after which I hope to work in a private practice setting as a glaucoma/anterior segment specialist.”

Jose Rivas Rios, MD

Dr. Rios “I had the opportunity to start a position as a postdoctoral researcher in the division of cardiology at UF COMJ. I immediately realized that this institution is a place of opportunities to grow as a researcher and physician, but also as a human being. I was impressed with the high-quality level of care provided to the patients and the diverse patient population. Also, the learning environment was very nurturing, promoting critical thinking and medical curiosity among med students, residents and fellows. The attending physicians were invested in teaching, truly representing an inspiration for the trainees. Without a doubt, UF COMJ represents the best place to be trained as a physician. I started in the research department in 2015, following by internal medicine residency in 2017 and now finishing the cardiovascular disease fellowship. The diverse pathology and patient complexity I encountered allowed me to feel prepared for my career following the completion of training. Additionally, the camaraderie and collegiality present during my training aided me to form some of my strongest bonds and friendships. I am planning to stay as a faculty member in cardiology at UF COMJ and pursue a career in academics. My interests are cardiometabolic, preventive cardiology and cardiology imaging.”

Stephanie Rothweiler, MD

Dr. Rothweiler “I was looking for a residency at a large university hospital with a wide array of pathologies and patient demographics. While interviewing I was impressed with the breadth of knowledge and procedural skills the internal medicine residents exhibited and decided this was where I wanted to train. One highlight during my residency is having the privilege of serving as chief resident. It is a role that allows for personal growth with a main focus on teaching residents and other learners. I plan on proceeding to a pulmonary and critical care fellowship as a chief resident.”

Lauren Terpak, MD, MS

Lauren Terpak official “My training at UF COMJ started in 2019. I felt that this program was a great model of an academic institution deeply rooted in the community. Additionally, it is a place where everyone I met, including future colleagues, faculty, ancillary staff and others, were welcoming and content. One of the highlights of my training was being able to provide exceptional care for those who have little resources in their time of need. As a resident physician here at UF COMJ, you feel that you are making a tangible impact. After graduation, I will be pursuing a movement disorders fellowship at The Queen’s Medical Center and the University of Hawaii."

Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Milani Richard Milani, MD, FACC, FAHA, stands with UF College of Medicine - Jacksonville leadership and faculty at the 2023 Celebration of Resident and Fellow Education and Research Day.