Educational Affairs

Measures have been taken to ensure graduate medical education remains strong amid COVID-19.

By Linda Edwards, M.D.
GMEC mtg Senior leaders, residency program directors and other faculty members convene virtually for the monthly meeting of the Graduate Medical Education Committee at the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville.
David Caro, M.D. David Caro, M.D.
Carol Diachun, M.D., M.S.Ed. Carol Diachun, M.D., M.S.Ed.
Ayesha Mirza, M.D. Ayesha Mirza, M.D.
Kelly Komatz, M.D. Kelly Komatz, M.D.
Scott Silliman, M.D. Scott Silliman, M.D.
"Bedside teaching is still occurring, although the number of learners at the bedside is reduced."
Linda Edwards, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs, UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville
Edu Affairs Cover Fall 2020 Cut-outs of resident physicians at the UF College of Medicine -- Jacksonville took the place of actual attendees during the college's June graduate ceremony, which assumed a largely virtual format due to the pandemic.